Jacmel, symbol of the revival for Haitian Culture

Jacmel, higher and higher!
-Pommayrac Alcibiade

Renowned for its rich heritage, its radiant carnival and its singular expertise, Jacmel is a welcoming city that is proud of its history. Following the earthquake of 12 January 2010, the city has multiplied its efforts to preserve and improve its invaluable heritage.

The city cultivates Caribbean traditions, which combine creativity and innovation. Jacmel is currently investing in its renewal by promoting culture, traditions, art and crafts. Through use of its strategically located harbor, Jacmel maintains historic openness to other cultures and creation.

It is on this fertile ground that Haiti Piano Project has chosen to grow, and to participate in the energy of the city. The project will bring new life. It will help Jacmel’s artistic creativity prosper and benefit from strong local partners.